If "Star Wars: Episode VIII" director Rian Johnson is in need of a cold, hard, industrial setting for his next film, he might want to give Craig Mann a ring.

The photographer, who also works half the year on a drilling rig in the Atlantic, took photos of his worksite and later digitally mixed them with characters from the original "Star Wars" trilogy. The result is a perfect digital illusion of a galaxy far, far, away brought much closer to home.

Craig MannAn Imperial Shuttle on Mann's oil rig. (Photo: Craig Mann/Instagram)

"Photography has always been a great passion of mine," Mann shared on BoredPanda. "The only problem has been that I spend 6 months in total of each year working on a drilling rig in the harsh Atlantic ocean. During this time, I don’t take it to work and I spend too much time thinking about what I would like to take photos of when I’m home.

"After nearly 5 years of working onboard, I finally decided to take my camera to work and make use of time I would have previously considered lost. I decided to take images from several work spaces and mix them with Star Wars."

Craig MannChewbacca and R2D2 in a scene from Mann's photo album. (Photo: Craig Mann/Instagram)

Once Mann had the scenes in mind he wanted to add, he then spent time setting up each shot so that the final mix would look realistic. "Getting the right angle to suit each image was quite difficult," he added.

The Force is strong with this one. Take a look at some of his other "Star Wars" mixes below.

Craig MannMann says getting the photographs just right was 'extremely difficult.' (Photo: Craig Mann/Instagram)

Craig MannOne of the more beautiful composites is this one with Princess Leia from "A New Hope." (Photo: Craig Mann/Instagram)

Craig MannGrabbing a cup of coffee with the boss. (Photo: Craig Mann/Instagram)

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Photographer sets offshore drilling rig in 'Star Wars' universe
Craig Mann captured scenes from his drilling rig in the Atlantic and mixed them with classic moments from the original 'Star Wars' trilogy.