Pierce Brosnan, a long-time supporter of environmental initiatives, has joined forces with the Humane Society of the United States, asking people to help fight an effort to overturn a ban on commercial whaling.

"Unless we speak up now," Brosnan writes, "the International Whaling Commission, which has banned commercial whaling for more than 25 years, may surrender to commercial whaling interests: It is poised to give its blessing to commercial whaling, even in the pristine waters of the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary."

The move to lift the ban is being spearheaded by Japan, Iceland and Norway — countries that annually kill thousands of whales (an estimated 35,000 since '86) under the guise of "scientific research" and other loopholes.

"We cannot allow three nations to decide the fate of the world's whales," Brosnan continues. "In 1982, the nations of the world recognized that whales could not survive if commercial whaling continued. In 2010, when whales face even more threats than ever before — including toxic pollution, climate change, loss of habitat, ship strikes, and oil and gas exploration — how could anyone believe it's safe to let whalers off their leash?"

The IWC is poised to debate the topic on June 21 in Agadir, Morocco. To sign the petition asking world leaders not to support a move to lift the ban, hit the HSUS's online site here.

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Pierce Brosnan unites with HSUS to defend whales
Actor urges people to sign a petition asking leaders not to support an effort to lift the ban on commercial whaling.