I can’t say Pimp My Ride was my favorite TV show — because I never watched it. While the car-centric show wasn’t exactly beloved by environmentalists, some Prius owners do like to pimp their rides, as evidenced by Flickr member saeru’s photo above, and Pimp My Ride has been the inspiration for many an enviro-blogger’s post title.

Just for a little Friday fun, below are some of the headlines pop culture pimping’s inspired for enviro-blogging:

>> By far the most frequent abuser of the Pimp My Ride allusion’s Treehugger, at least according to my Google Reader cache. Writers for the popular enviro-blog have crafted such original headlines as “Pimp My Green Ride: This Souped-Up Tesla Roadster Rocks,” “Pimp Your Eco-Ride: Win a Strida SX Folding Bike,” and “Dude, Pimp My Boombox Bike,” the last of which appears to be an effort to cleave two pop culture car references (Pimp My Ride and Dude, Where’s My Car?) with an eco twist-tie.

>> As you may have guessed from Treehugger’s posts, Pimp My Ride’s most commonly used by eco-bloggers to pimp greener rides, as in the case of Streetsblog LA’s headline: “Memo to MTV: “Pimp My Bike” = Ratings Gold.”

>> Yes, we at MNN are guilty of hopping on the pimp wagon too. “Obama: Pimp my ride,” was our title for a post about the president’s armored ‘09 Cadillac.

>> Somewhat more creative green pimping came from Re-Nest, whose allusions at least didn’t refer to methods of transportation. “Pimp My Bin” is the title of a post about Enviro Friendly wheelie bins that make graywater reuse easier.

>> Another Re-Nest post gets my vote for the cutest green pimping title of them all: Pimp My Coop: Cool Cribs For Backyard Chickens. Cluck over to see 10 cute poultry palaces — pimped out with eco-features like a green roof, salvaged materials — and even an upcycled car, bringing the Pimp my Car allusion back full circle.

'Pimp My Ride'-inspired green blogging
Many an environmental blogger's drawn inspiration from 'Pimp My Ride,' even if the show's not exactly eco-inspired.