If not for last weekend's faux-gun scandal in Paris, news regarding Pippa Middleton's forthcoming party-planning book "Celebrate" might have received a tidy byline. Now, it's mixed up in a widely covered moment of embarrassment for the 28-year-old and, by association, the British royal family. 


In what's being called "Gungate" by the tabloids, Pippa was snapped in the company of some Frenchmen who decided it would be funny to point a toy gun at some paparazzi. Naturally, the gossip rags went crazy over the stupid joke, taking additional snapshots from the event, which appeared to be a raucous party.


"The worst picture, however, from 'the Firm’s' point of view, is the one in which Pippa grins broadly as she stands among a group of women surrounding [a dwarf playing the role of] Arthur, who has a studded bondage dog collar around his neck, which another of the girls is pulling," writes The Daily Beast


So, you can see why such events are overshadowing the news that Penguin Books will release Pippa's party-planning book in October. The deal, worth a reported $622,000, will give readers all the tips they need to be "the perfect party hostess," including recipes and personal pointers anecdotes from Middleton herself.


It's reported that U.S. networks are engaged in a heavy bidding war (paying close to $500,000) in an effort to land the first interview with Pippa when she starts promoting "Celebrate." 


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Pippa Middleton's new book slated for October
Release date comes amidst an embarrassing moment in Paris for the 28-year-old.