If you saw "Avatar" in 3-D several months back, you were probably also treated to one of the worst trailers for a film in some time: "Piranha 3D". It was so bad that I felt as if the piranhas featured were also quickly devouring my brain cells. For sanity reasons, the MPAA should have followed that preview with a blank white screen for three minutes just to reset the audience's senses.

Clearly, "Piranha 3D" is going for the "silly, fun horror movie" label, so my lambasting of its plotline on the merits of intelligent filmmaking is rather baseless. One of the stars of the film, Jerry O'Connell, summed it up well saying, "From the get-go, all the bits, all the gags, all the drama, is designed around 3-D. So if you're a fan of 3-D, this is one you don't have to groan about. This is going back to the date, fun horror movie."

Ah, schools of killer fish. Nothing makes the ladies swoon more.

To help promote the film, the cast of "Piranha" put together a hilarious "For your consideration" short on Funny Or Die on why the movie should recieve a Best Picture nomination. Check it out below: 

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'Piranha 3D': Oscar contender
Cast of upcoming blood-soaked, feeding-frenzy movie makes the case for a Best Picture nomination.