Green Drinks meets Bloblive at V Lounge in Santa Monica

Got a green business idea? What better way to refine it than to pitch it to fellow eco-thinkers — who’ve been drinking! Last night at V Lounge in Santa Monica, eco-social mixer Green Drinks teamed up with Bloblive, a weekly open mic event for entrepreneurs, for an eco-entrepreneurial social.

After a couple hours of mingling over organic drinks, would-be green-biz movers and shakers got on stage to make a 90-second pitch to a roomful of slightly buzzed Angelenos — who then asked questions and gave feedback. Unfortunately, the setting didn’t exactly work in the brave biz-pitchers’ favor. Speakers had to compete not only against a Lakers’ game playing on TV screens all around the bar (and the fans watching and cheering them on), but also a distracting Twitter screen constantly updating on a screen right behind them.

But the venues for both Green Drinks and Bloblive change frequently. Hopefully future entrepreneurs will be able to make their pitches to a more captive audience. Bloblive happens weekly in Philadelphia and the L.A. area; Green Drinks happens in towns all across the world! Visit the sites to find — or start — a Bloblive or Green Drinks near you.

Photo: Siel

Pitch your eco-preneurial idea
Eco-social mixer Green Drinks teamed up with business open mic Bloblive for a night of eco-preneurial networking in L.A.