Do you think twice about accepting a friend’s dinner invitation on a Sunday — because that would mean missing Dexter? Does your anxiety level get unbearable — if you go a day without checking Facebook and Twitter? Perhaps your TV and internet addiction hasn’t gotten that bad — but a new documentary film called “Play Again” is sure to make you rethink your digital habits.

Though I enjoy using both Facebook and Twitter, I do feel lucky that got through junior high before either of those got invented. Kids today are not that lucky. What happens when you grow up spending more time in front of a screen than interacting with real humans face to face or playing in nature? We’ll find out soon, because that is indeed how the average American child grows up today.

“Play Again” follows the lives six American teenagers who spend between five to 15 hours a day in front of screens. These kids are then released from their digital umbilical cords to go on a wilderness adventure — sans cell phones or TVs. Below’s the preview:

The film is screening at festivals and events across the U.S. and is available on DVD for $19.95. But if you live in Los Angeles, you’re in luck. “Play Again” will screen as part of the Artivist Festival at noon on Dec. 4. Even better, a select number of free tickets are available, so long as you reserve them before they run out! The screening will be followed by a filmmaker Q&A panel and a reception.

'Play Again': When digital kids play IRL
A documentary film unplugs kids from virtual reality worlds, cell phones, and TVs -- and takes them on a wilderness adventure.