It's been nearly 25 years since the original "Point Break" starring Patricky Swayze and Keanu Reeves hit theaters - and Hollywood, as its apt to do around silver anniversaries, is hitting the reboot button. 

While the first film revolved around a group of surfers who rebel against society by committing bank robberies, this new take will instead focus on a more modern group of extreme athletes that performs acts of eco-terrorism. 

"It's global environmental terrorism," Australian actor Luke Bracey, who plays FBI Agent Johnny Utah, tells USA Today. "When people are surrounded by nature, you kind of have the ultimate appreciation for it. These guys come from a very pure place. But they are maybe blinded how the ends justify the means."

Bracey, who can next be seen opposite Pierce Brosnan in the spy thriller "The November Man," adds that in addition to the surfing, he'll also be showing off his skateboarding skills. 

"I grew up on the beach surfing and skating," he says. "I certainly love taking a drop on a big wave or going for a roll on my skateboard on a big hill."

While much of the original was filmed inthe U.S., the new "Point Break" will film all around the world; including Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela, Tahiti. 

"It's a real globe-trotting adventure, that's the best part of it," adds Bracey. "I get to see all of these amazing places."

Look for "Point Break," which also stars Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi, to hit theaters in August 2015. Check out the classic trailer to the 1991 version below. 

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'Point Break' reboot to focus on eco-terrorists
New version will focus on an FBI agent who tries to infiltrate a group of extreme athletes involved in global eco-terrorism.