Looking to hook up with a politician willing to help you pollute? Click over to Polluterharmony and check out the profiles of elected government officials who have a record of cozying up to corporate polluters.

Greenpeace’s spoof dating site — described as “the No.1 matchmaking site for polluters, industry lobbyists, & politicians” — names and shames the politicians who’ve supported the less-than-green interests of big polluting companies willing to pay lawmakers to push dirty agendas. There are profiles of politicians seeking love, success stories of matches made in polluter heaven, and even a Twitter contest that lets anyone play matchmaker by using the tag #polluterharmony for a chance to win an undisclosed prize described as “a special Polluterharmony surprise” by Greenpeace.

Do you see any of your own elected officials on Polluterharmony? Know one who should have a profile on the site? Tweet your match — and if you win, let me know what the surprise prize is.
Polluterharmony: Internet dating for anti-environmentalists
Greenpeace's spoof dating site pairs politicians willing to take money from dirty industry lobbyists with polluting companies.