Do you dream of living in a land where food trucks serve meals in reusable boxes, cyclists get respect at drive-thrus, and freegans forage free? That’s Portland for you — and a new IFC show called “Portlandia” both celebrates and spoofs the so-green-it’s-funny city.

“It’s like Gore won — The Bush administration never happened!” That’s how the idealism of Portland’s described in the opening musical sketch of “Portlandia.” And the nitpickiness of that green idealism’s spoofed in a restaurant scene where a pair of diners pepper the waiter with a battery of questions about the chicken they may or may not eat — “How big is the area that the chickens are able to roam free?” — before leaving the restaurant to visit the farm firsthand.

The show’s creating quite the buzz on the green blogosphere — especially among green bloggers who live in Portland. Cases in point:

  • “Bikers, locavores, and just plain urbanites, quake in fear: Your lives are no longer safe from actually-funny satire,” writes Holly Richmond at Grist — before doing a series of comic sketch vs. real life comparisons of Portland’s culture.
  • Ecotrope‘s Cassandra Profita was driven to confess her inqisitive eco-foodie habits. “So, now I have to admit I’ve grilled a few servers to that degree before ordering seafood. I stopped short of a visit to the actual fishing boat that caught the restaurant’s fish, but if I could’ve gone I probably would’ve.”
  • GOOD‘s Taylor Clark giddily details the inside jokes non-Portlandians may not be privy to. “The [Portland] audience laughed riotously at “We Put Birds on Things,” the second episode of sketches featuring a motorist-abusing bike messenger and a television duo who specialize in stenciling birds on every kind of consumer product imaginable, yet for those who haven’t witnessed Portland’s belligerent cyclists and bird-obsessed indie crafters firsthand, I’m not sure how funny these bits will be.”
Do you think “Portlandia” is funny? Or are you outraged that the show pokes fun at sacred organic cows like local food and bike culture? Salon‘s Matt Zoller Seitz wonders if the lefties are indeed capable of laughing at themselves: “Armisen and Browstein’s masterstroke is showing how certain flavors of modern leftist sensitivity/engagement can seem (to outsiders) like passive-aggressive self-absorption laced with contempt for the unenlightened.”

My fellow MNN blogger Robin Shreeves posted a preview of the show last month, but the first episode of “Portlandia” is now available online — at least for the next 10 hours or so. Watch it — and laugh at yourself — or not. The series premiers on IFC Friday night at 10:30 pm.

'Portlandia': Locavores, cyclists get spoofed
Can environmentalists laugh at themselves? IFC's new comedy series makes fun of green extremes.