Are you a wizard in the kitchen capable of taking mundane, common ingredients and transforming them into gourmet wonders? Do you scoff at modern conveniences such as electricity, natural gas, and the grocery store - knowing full well you could open a five star eatery even after the apocalypse strikes? 

Your time has come to prove it. 

A casting company called "Schweet Entertainment" is seeking chefs to compete in "POST-APOCALYPTIC cooking challenge scenarios" that apparently includes using whatever is available to whip up tasty dishes. From the ad:

Are you willing to take on a challenge scenario where there's nearly nothing available to cook with and make the tastiest meal possible? Can you take a few cans of food, a box of jello, a jar of beans, a car windshield to fashion a solar cooker, and create something unexpectedly delicious? New fun, extreme cooking challenge series will put chefs and survivalists to the test to stretch the bounds of their creativity to whole new levels. 
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The same company is also seeking a survivalist expert to host the show and guide competitors on how best to track down food and water sources in post-apocalyptic scenarios. "This fun, extreme cooking challenge series will teach the public a wide range of survival skills and showcase highly-creative methods of creating gourmet meals from the most limited of resources," the ad continues. 

Honestly, this sounds like a lot of fun to both participate in and watch. Even better, Schweet Entertainment says the show is slated for a "major network," so expect this one to hopefully have some nice polish. 

To apply, check out both listings here

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