In the opening seconds of the new three minute trailer for "Mad Max: Fury Road," it's clear the world has all gone to hell over fights for depleted natural resources like water and oil. We're then left with the familiar desert landscape offered in the previous three "Mad Max" films - and the man himself, played by Tom Hardy, speeding away from a gang of post-apocalyptic crazies. 

Welcome to the latest reboot of a franchise that hasn't seen a new entry since 1985; when Mel Gibson played the brooding Mad Max and Tina Turner rocked a chain mail dress. Once more directed by George Miller, this first trailer gives us crazed glimpses of what appears to be one giant chase sequence involving Max getting captured, freed, and then on the offensive against a gang that looks straight out of Cirque du Soleil. 

What's even more incredible about "Fury Road" after viewing the trailer is that Miller was adamant about using as little CGI as possible. 

"Mad Max is not a superhero," he told "We don’t defy the laws of physics, it’s not a fantasy film. It’s basically a western on wheels. And I think if people see, I know when I see too much CG, that sort of takes me out of the experience. You want to have that sort of almost, I’m not going to say documentary experience, but you want to feel it like you’re really immersed, like it’s really happening. So we decided to literally do every car that’s smashed is smashed, every stunt is a real human being, even the actors do a lot of their own stunts, and so on."

Incredible. Check out this first look below. 

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