Wednesday night's Powerball lottery is expected to be the second-largest in history. Naturally, this has everyone dreaming of what they would do with the cash — from helping family members to taking a three-year vacation in the Seychelles. But forget all that for a moment and let's just focus on some ridiculously awesome green gifts to blow some of that windfall on. Ready? 


Your own cave ($865,000 - $2 million)


cool cave


Yup, nothing says eccentric millionaire than your own cave/lair. Turns out, there are some available online right now, from the Fantasy World Caverns in Missouri (includes an underground roller rink and plenty of mood lighting) to a 642-acre spread in Oregon featuring 1820 lineal feet of gorgeous caves and caverns. Since it only costs an estimated $2.8 million in additional accessories to be Batman, you'll have plenty of cash left over for some other ridiculously awesome toys.  


The BMW i8 (Est. $200,000)


BMW i8


Let's go ahead and run with the Bruce Wayne theme for a moment, because I'm pretty sure if there's a fourth "Batman" film, Gotham's most notorious playboy is going to be driving this gorgeous green hybrid sports car. While its original concept was striking (and can briefly be seen in the latest "Mission Impossible" movie) this recent iteration is an even more refined step in the right direction. Sorry Fisker and Tesla — I'm in love. 


Based on current specs (this vehicle is set to go on sale in 2014), it looks like the i8 will get somewhere around 80mpg — with the first 20 miles powered by its large lithium-ion battery. 


Solar Floating Resort (Est. $150 million)


floating solar resort


Put those other Bond villains to shame with this unique conversation-starter by Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante. The condo-like layout includes a central tower, a deck and “habitation” section with 20 modules that can accommodate up to six people. There are also several massive underwater viewing windows, self-sufficient energy generator, and a special "dye that absorbs light and turns it into electricity for those on board." 


Melody Key Island ($9.9 million)


Melody Key island


Survive the coming zombie apocalypse with this gorgeous, self-sustaining six-acre island in the Florida Keys. Besides all of the luxuries you would expect from a property costing close to $10 million, you'll also get a state-of-the-art solar inverter, on-demand muted generator and a desalination system. It's also only one mile from shore — so easy access to your BMW i8 when the hurricane approaches. 


Your Own Luxury Treehouse  ($230,000+)


sustainable treehouse


J.K. Rowling is building one — so you should too! Blue Forest is a company out of the U.K. that specializes in helping wealthy adults make their inner-child's dreams come true. Even better, all of their creations are sourced from sustainable forests. Rowling's design features balconies, turrets, trap doors, secret entrances, slides and even spiral staircases.


OK, so those are some ideas. Now you tell me: what unnecessary (but fun) green purchases would you make with your winnings?


Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

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