Tonight, President Obama and his family will be joining Jewish members of his staff and others for the annual White House seder, a tradition he’s been taking part in since before he became president. For the first time, he has also released a video Passover message.



Last year, my husband led us in a seder around our dining room table. The four of us Methodists muddled and giggled our way through our pronunciations of some of the words, but it was a special night. As Christians we understand the significance of Passover and we wanted to take part in the tradition. Unfortunately, this year, my son has a baseball game scheduled tonight, so our second seder will have to wait for next year.


If you are celebrating Passover either as Jew or as someone who wants to take part in the significance of the tradition, I will borrow from President Obama’s message.


Chag Sameach. Joyous Festival.

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President Obama's Passover message
The president wishes everyone 'Chag Sameach' and looks forward to Matzo Ball Soup at the fourth annual White House seder.