Fancy a bit of fresh produce from the Prince of Wales' own 1,900-acre organic farm at Highgrove? You're too late. 

The 64-year-old has decided to shutter the Veg Shed farm stand he opened eight years ago after struggling to make it financially viable. The shop sold organic vegetables and fruit grown at the Duchy Home Farm, as well as meat from Charles's ecologically raised cattle. 

According to Richard Kay of the Daily Mail, the Veg Shed was never able to tap into the tourist trade (despite being moved three years ago to a more advantageous location at a cost of more than $155,000), and regularly featured higher prices than local supermarkets. 

A Clarence House aide said: "It is a real shame, but the farming industry has struggled in recent years and, as a farmer, the prince is not immune."

As for the prince, despite the Veg Shed's closure, his Home Farm is still supplying many tons of produce to supermarkets under his charitable food brand Duchy Originals — as well as through a CSA that sends boxes of veggies to customers around the Tetbury area. 

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Prince Charles closes his Veg Shed farm stand
The famous royal shutters the store, which featured fresh vegetables and organic meats from his Duchy Home Farm.