With the festivities surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding now in the history books, Prince Charles is turning his attention to his upcoming visit to Washington, D.C. 

According to The Washington Post, the Prince of Wales is expected today to visit the Common Good City Farm, which grows food for low-income D.C. residents — as well as provide the keynote address tomorrow at a conference on sustainable agriculture at Georgetown University. (Check out a live feed of the keynote here.) 

Titled The Future of Food, the conference explores the question of how America and international food providers are responding to an increase in the demand for healthier and more natural food sources. "Experts from some of world’s biggest food companies, academia and nonprofits discuss trends in agriculture and consumer behavior that is shaping the future of food," the overview reads. 

As those familiar with Prince Charles will agree, it's no surprise that the 62-year-old monarch is using his time in D.C. to share his passionate interest in sustainable agriculture. His most recent gardening book, "The Elements of Organic Gardening," was released in 2007 and praised for its "down-to-earth advice on composting, rotations, plant combinations and propagation with some great photos."

Perhaps a quick stop by the White House garden might also be on the agenda? CNN is reporting that Prince Charles will meet with President Obama during the three-day visit. Their chat is expected to focus on environmental issues, education and efforts to help wounded troops.

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Prince Charles comes to D.C.
Hot on the heels of his son's royal wedding, Prince Charles visits the U.S. capital to promote sustainable agriculture.