Prince Charles has announced that he will be building a multimillion dollar eco-friendly village in India through his Foundation For The Built Environment charity.

The development will take place on roughly 25 acres on the outskirts of either Calcutta or Bangalore. Officials say the "high-density but pleasant" community will feature schools, shops, 3,000 homes, and enough room for about 15,000 people.

The prince is said to have been inspired to create the project by the slums depicted in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire."

“It really is about making these communities great places to live even though the natural conditions may at first appear to make it difficult,” a spokesman for the prince’s charity told the UK Telegraph. “India is fairly dry and dusty, and methods like rainwater collection would enable whole communities to be green oases all year round."

The village is said to be modeled after Poundbury in Dorset County, with construction set to begin in the fall. Green features include sustainable building materials, rainwater harvesting and recycling, as well as improved sanitation and waste facilities.

With the prince's charity just opening its first office in Mumbai, the project is said to be only the beginning of several sustainable, high-density communities planned for India.

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Prince Charles planning giant eco-town in India
Sustainable development will reportedly support more than 15,000 people.