Starting next week, Britain's Prince Harry will help kick off an epic 200-mile journey to the heart of the icy North Pole. 

The 26-year-old will be joining four severely wounded veterans (including two amputees) and two expedition leaders in the first stage of the four-week trek as a way to raise funds for the charity Walking With The Wounded. The expedition is expected to last until the end of April.

“The Walking with the Wounded North Pole Team will undertake an enormous adventure," Harry told the UK Mirror. “The funds will, with the public’s support, make a life-changing difference to injured servicemen."

In the first week, Prince Harry will assist the team in pulling sledges, pitching tents and preparing food.

It's hoped that more than $3 million can be raised through donations and sponsorships. To help bring their efforts to public attention, the U.K.'s BBC will film the expedition.  

"Through this expedition we aim to demonstrate to injured servicemen and women of all ranks that you can achieve great things post-injury," said Capt. Martin Hewitt, a participant and a wounded Afghanistan veteran. "Our training is complete and now it's time to freeze."

Follow the adventure on the team's official blog here

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Prince Harry on charity trek to the North Pole
Prince Harry will join four severely wounded veterans and two expedition leaders on 200-mile frozen journey.