In an effort to better prepare his body and mind for the frigid temperatures he will face this November, Britain's Prince Harry spent the evening Tuesday sleeping inside a giant freezer.

The 29-year-old slept inside a tent with others who will join him on a race to the South Pole later this fall - competing against other teams from the United States and Britain. The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge will last around 15 days and span some 208 miles. All of the teams participating are raising money for charity - with Harry representing a group of veterans from Walking with the Wounded.

Actors Alexander Skarsgard from "True Blood" and Dominic West of "The Wire" will also participate in the challenge

"We are not allowed to officially call it a race, but I think we all know what will happen," Harry told reporters last April. "These men and women have given their all in the cause of freedom. That they should once again step into the breach, this time facing down the extreme mental and physical challenges of trekking to the South Pole just underlines their remarkable qualities. Toughness of mind; an unquenchable spirit that refuses to say 'I am beaten'."

On Tuesday, Harry spent 20 hours in a cold chamber where he was subjected to temperatures of -35 Celsius (-31 Fahrenheit), with wind speeds of 45 miles per hour. When asked what the hardest part of the simulation was, Harry quipped: "Going in."

Check out a video of Harry's chilly evening below:

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Prince Harry spends the night in giant freezer
Royal took on the challenge to simulate the arctic conditions he will face when he treks to the South Pole this winter.