Starting this Thursday, May 9th, Britain's Prince Harry will being a six-day tour of the United States - with planned stops in Washington, D.C., Denver, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, New York City, and New Jersey. 

That latter destination is of particular importance to the 28-year-old, who picked the state to witness firsthand the devastating impact of last year's Hurricane Sandy. That superstorm, the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic, caused an estimated $75 billion in damage and killed some 285 people. 

According to the AP, Harry will first visit the town of Mantoloking on May 14th to take a walk along the town's bay front. He'll be joined by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Mayor George Nebel. 

"Everybody's welcome here," Nebel said. "I think he wants to try to see the devastation on the Shore and Mantoloking is probably the hardest hit on the Shore."

But residents shouldn't expect this visit to feature a meet and greet. 

"He'll arrive by car, walk along the road to see 10 houses, back in the car with the governor and gone," Nebel added

Christie and Harry will then proceed to Seaside Heights - which still features the iconic Jet Star roller coaster ride sticking out of the ocean. 

Besides drawing awareness to the Jersey Shore, Harry will also spend time in New York City promoting a community baseball program supported by his foundation - as well as an exhibition in Washington, D.C. on land mine clearance.

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Prince Harry to visit storm-wrecked Jersey Shore
Royal will reportedly visit the towns of Mantoloking and Seaside Heights.