Prince Charles is set to make a rare appearance on American television. 

The 61-year-old will sit down with "NBC News" anchor Brian Williams for an hour-long interview (9 p.m., Nov. 19) to discuss his relationship with his sons, William and Harry; the prospect of another royal wedding; feeling misunderstood by the media; and his efforts to prevent global warming and why he wants to be "the defender of nature."

That special will be followed by the much-hyped documentary "Harmony," which details the prince's efforts to combat climate change and find innovative solutions to the global environmental crisis.

“The Prince of Wales has such a passion and vision in providing leadership on this crucial climate issue that confronts the world,” Paul Telegdy, executive vice president for alternative programming at NBC and Universal Media Studios, said in April. “We are honored to partner with him to showcase these issues that are important to American audiences.”

Check out a four-minute trailer for "Harmony" below: 

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Prince of Wales on NBC's 'Green Week' for rare interview
Network to also air "Harmony", a new hour-long special documenting Prince Charles' efforts to combat climate change.