"Punky Brewster" actress Soleil Moon Frye has been a star in the green baby scene for several years now, but a newly announced partnership with Target is sure to expand her growing sustainable empire to a wider audience.

The 33-year-old mother launched "The Little Seed" green baby store back in 2007 in L.A. and has steadily grown the business to include not only toys, but her own sustainable kids' fashion line as well.

“Both our kids had allergies, and we wanted to create an eco-alternative that they could wear that would be incredible, it would be colorful,” she said, referencing her business partner Paige Goldberg. “We wanted to kind of spin the concept of organic upside-down and really create something that was vibrant and beautiful and colorful and filled with life, and happy and cheerful. From beginning to end, it’s been the most amazing process.”

Turns out Target has been paying attention. The store will launch the new organic kid’s collection under The Little Seed brand in July.

I'm hopeful that — staying true to the big-box store's appeal — the brand will be yet another affordable green option for parents.

Stay tuned for more details! 

via Ecorazzi

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'Punky Brewster' star to launch green baby collection with Target
Target to introduce Soleil Moon Frye's Little Seed brand to the masses.