For their highly anticipated upcoming album, "The King of Limbs," rock group Radiohead has decided to honor one of Great Britain's oldest trees.

Nicknamed "Big Belly Oak," and located in the 4,000-acre Savernake Forest in Wiltshire, England, the tree is thought to be between 1,000 and 1,100 years old. With a girth of more than 36 feet, it is one of 50 trees honored as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

According to legend, the devil appears to anyone who dances naked at midnight 12 times anti-clockwise around the tree.

The group's eighth album was recorded less than three miles from "Big Belly," in a country home rented for the purpose. In keeping with past environmental efforts, Radiohead will release the album as a digital-only download this Saturday — some three months before it will be available in physical form.

On May 9, the band will offer what its calling "the world's first newspaper album" edition of "The King of Limbs." It will contain two 10-inch vinyl LPs and a CD, along with “many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-color piece of oxo-degradable plastic to hold it all together.” Cost is expected to be around $50.

Check out the group's official website for download and purchase information here.

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Radiohead's 'The King Of Limbs' album named for famous tree
Environmentally minded rock group honors 1,000-year-old oak located in Wiltshire, England.