Horror filmmaker Eli Roth, who has experienced his fair share of frightening adventures, has released the first full-length trailer for his next film, "The Green Inferno." Like other flicks he's written, this one yet again revolves around students who venture into a foreign country and are killed by locals. The twist this time is that the students are rainforest activists and the locals are an angry tribe with a cannibalistic bent. 

During screenings of the film last year, Roth said that he was inspired to create "The Green Inferno" based on the idea of activists who drop everything to get involved with potentially dangerous situations.

“So I wrote about these student activists who want to save these un-contacted tribes in the Amazon," he told IGN. "Which is happening now. These corporations with GPS looking for natural gasses go in, kick out the tribe – kill them or move them out of there. Then just destroy the village and take out the gas which is in the ground. So I wrote about these students that want to stop that. They chain themselves to trees and protest and stream it and hash-tag, and it works. It actually shuts down the operation. Then on their way home, their plane crashes. And the very people they save are like “Ah, food – that’s great!” It’s like a free lunch, and they are brought back into the fold of absolutely barbaric, primitive man. People that have had no contact with the outside world."

Instead of shooting in the relative safety of a movie studio, Roth elected instead to film in the very place he was describing - finding a remote tribe in the middle of the Amazon that had no electricity, running water, and absolutely no inkling of what a "movie" was. After showing them the film "Cannibal Holocaust," the villagers thought the horror film was a comedy and eagerly agreed to take part in "Inferno." 

"It was a really amazing experience to live there for a month," Roth said. "It was five hours of travel every day, and it was no joke. We could have died any number of times – there were floods, and there were rock-slides, there were tarantulas, snakes, animals walking through shots. It was crazy. Wild horses that if you got near them would kick you and bite you. And the bugs attacking you. And it was 110 degrees – it was brutal."

Check out the brutality of the first full trailer for "The Green Inferno" below. The film is set for release on September 14th. 

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Rainforest activism gets horror treatment in 'The Green Inferno'
New film from Eli Roth tells the tale of young activists who crash land in the middle of Peru and find themselves on the menu.