Pro wrestling legend Randy "Macho Man" Savage, who passed away last Friday at the age of 58 after a car accident, will reportedly be laid to rest alongside his beloved companion, "Hercules."

Lanny Savage told that his brother's remains will be cremated and scattered under a favorite tree on his property. Years ago, Randy's dog was cremated and laid to rest in the same spot. "If it's good enough for Herc, it's good enough for me!" Lanny said his brother was fond of saying. 

While a heart attack is suspected as the reason Savage and his wife (she sustained minor injuries) went off the road on Friday morning, officials at the Pinellas-Pasco medical examiner's office still are not certain about the cause of death. Bill Pellan, director of investigations, said the autopsy "did not reveal any extensive trauma to him." 

He added that it will take four to six weeks to complete further toxicology and histology tests. 

A small private service for family will be held later this week. Check out a classic interview below with the "Macho Man" from back in the day:

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Randy Savage to spend eternity with beloved dog
Legendary wrestler, who passed away last week, had a special spot in mind for his final resting place.