Crowned "the world's greatest explorer" by Guinness World Records, 68-year-old Sir Ranulph Fiennes will once again push the limits of human exploration with a planned six-month journey across Antarctica.


The expedition, launching in 2013, is being called "The Coldest Journey on Earth" and will cover an estimated 2,000 miles. At some points, the team may experience temperatures close to minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Fiennes, who says he loves breaking records, part of the reason he's decided to undertake the trek is because of the competition.


"We heard a rumour that Norwegian explorers were contemplating this," he told the BBC. "We realized we were going to have to have a go."


While Fiennes and his exploration team generally pull sledges carrying everything they need, such extreme weather conditions will require a change of strategy. According to the BBC, while Fiennes and a skiing partner will lead on foot, they will be followed by two bulldozers dragging industrial sledges.


"Inside three containers on the sledges will be their living quarters, supplies, and a science lab," the site reports. "Dragged behind this will be the fuel they need."


Also in the mix will be scientific instruments for NASA and the European Space Agency. "There is a huge, blank knowledge of the winter of Antarctica, what is happening to Antarctica during a period when the scientists can't normally get out there," he said.


The explorer — who, incidentally, is also a third cousin to actors Ralph and Joseph Fiennes — hopes to raise more than $10 million for Seeing Is Believing, a charity that works to cure blindness around the world.


"I have been on some amazing expeditions and seen many of the beautiful and unique sights the world has to offer," he said in a statement. "When I discovered Seeing is Believing, what it stood for, and understood how easily avoidable blindness could be prevented, it inspired me and my colleagues to undertake this challenge. It is a fantastic cause and I would urge everyone who follows our progress to donate to it via"


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Ranulph Fiennes to attempt 'Coldest Journey on Earth'
Famed explorer Ranulph Fiennes will launch a six-month expedition to lead the first team on foot across Antarctica during the southern winter. The expedition, l