Lil Wayne, the Grammy-winning rapper who was born and raised in New Orleans, recently showed his love for his native city by generously funding a new skate park in the Lower 9th Ward. 


The 30-year-old told the Associated Press he started skating about a year and a half ago after being impressed by the board skills of a 9-year-old boy and thought it looked interesting.


“I thought it would be just a hobby, and I thought only people with skills can do it,” he said. “When you finally get into it and you learn to like it, you’ll quickly learn to love it. It’s more than just four wheels and a piece of wood.”


In an example of green forces coming together, Tim Duggan, a landscape architect with Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation, had a big hand in making the project eco-friendly.


Not only is the park powered by the “first tracking solar array on the Gulf Coast,” but it was also created using 100 percent recycled concrete, VOC-free paint, and designed to allow lots of natural light to filter down through the warehouse.


“I just want to help out my city, help out the people and the kids, give them something to do, something they haven’t done before,” Wayne said. “It’s always good to learn something new.”


The skate park, called Trukstop, is now open to the public seven days a week. Check out Wayne talking about the new park in the video below: 


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Rapper Lil Wayne opens eco skate park
The project, located in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward, is the nation's first sustainable skate park. Rapper Lil Wayne, who was born and raised in New Orleans, sai