Vegan/Vegetarian? Married? Have in-laws who are less-than-pleased with your plant eating — to the point of awkward family dinners, rude remarks and a general sense of dread anytime you get together?Perfect! You've just qualified to appears in new reality TV series.

Details are short, but according to SuperVegan, a new program is coming to cable that has something to do with married couples and their in-laws; and apparently the whole veg thing is one angle they'd like to explore.

“We are looking for dynamic, animated and outgoing couples who want to strengthen their relationship with their in-laws and learn about each other’s quirks and differences,” the site reads.

Read between those happy, feel-good words and you'll see one glaring word: Drama. They wants lots of it. Screaming is probably a plus.

Still interested? Even if you would never consider taking on such a show with your in-laws, the $7,000 payoff might make you change your mind. At the very least, it would help pay for therapy.

Check out the details here.

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Reality series seeks vegans with crazy in-laws
Like 'Meet the Parents,' but with plant-based drama.