Hal Douglas, one of the most recognizable voices in the trailer business, has passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 89. 

From television to feature-length films, Douglas was one of the leading voice-artists in Hollywood. Films such as "Philadelphia," "Lethal Weapon," "Forrest Gump," "Crimson Tide," and "Meet the Parents" grace his resume; as do series like "Gilmore Girls," "Dawson's Creek," and "Seventh Heaven."

In the 2013 short film, "A Great Voice," about his career, Douglas described his sound as "throaty, chesty, a voice in need of clearing" and admitted he "never thought of it as a great voice." 

Despite his connection to Hollywood, Douglas spent the last 15 years living with his wife on a horse farm outside of Washington, D.C. 

"I am grateful for when the ISDN [Integrated Services Digital Network] system entered my life," he told the Los Angeles Times in 2006. "So many guys and gals are using that nowadays. I am not a techie, but what it does essentially is digitize the voice and sends it out over in a digital form over long-distance lines. Any place a phone line goes, so goes my voice."

Thanks for the great moments, Hal! Check out "A Great Voice" below. 

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Remembering 'Movie Trailer Voice Guy' Hal Douglas
89-year-old voice-over artist died on March 7 following a battle with pancreatic cancer.