One of the keys to mindfulness is awareness of what is going on around you (whether that be new and exciting or the seemingly repetitive).

Arguably, it's harder than ever to be able to focus on anything in our lives, living as we all are, with distraction and interruption as the norm in work, play and even rest—apparently, more than half of us check our smartphones when we wake in the middle of the night (stop that!!). 

But sometimes, amid all that distraction, something pops up that helps us refocus on what matters, something that reminds us of the simple, amazing joys of being alive right now. The video below, of two older ladies' first flight on an airplane, did this for me. With family in Australia, friends in Europe, and a travel bug that's impossible to kick, I've flown enough so that I have come to dread it much of the time.

I love this video because it reminds me that flying is actually totally amazing. To imagine all the science, technology, human ingenuity, hope, and energy it takes to get a human being launched into the air—it's truly incredible, not matter how many times you have done it. (Louis CK also reminded us of this idea in a hilarious routine.) And flying—if you bother to look out the windows—gives us some absolutely phenomenal scenery to enjoy. 

Check it out:  

Watching this video reminds me of the importance of approaching life joyfully (Ria does, while An's anxiety hamstrings her), and also suggests that picking the right people to surround yourself with can make a difference in day-to-day happiness (An loosens up due to Ria's happy-go-lucky influence). It reminds me that there is plenty of room for silliness, laughter is beautiful on everyone, and that while we are fighting to make the world a better place, we shouldn't ever ignore or brush aside the beauty that's right in front of us. 

And of course, you're never too old for new experiences. 

An and Ria's journey is really very much about mindfulness; in watching the journey of these two women, I was reminded to look at the world from a less jaded, more child-like perspective. 

I really want to go on a rollercoaster again this summer. Don't you? And I'm definitely looking forward to my next flight in a few weeks...

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