For over 30 years, billionaire Richard Branson has called Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands his private home. The 74-acre beauty was scooped by the then-28-year-old Branson in 1978 for a paltry sum of $180,000. He then spent another $10M to build his dream home and create what he describes as "a haven for endangered species, an experiment in sustainable living, and the place we unwind and relax."

In a new video posted to his blog, Branson expands upon the history of Necker - revealing private home videos from the early days, touching upon the devastating fire in 2011, and the sustainable developments and green incubators that will drive its future. It's a heartwarming tribute - and in particular on Earth Day, a veritable natural paradise. Check it out below. 

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Richard Branson reveals his 'story of Necker Island'
Just in time for Earth Day, the Virgin Founder releases a short film chronicling the history of his beautiful home in the British Virgin Islands.