Either April Fool's has come early or Richard Branson has really has invented a time machine. Since my iPhone currently has an Apple logo and not a Virgin one, I'm going to assume that he's pulling our legs. 


The 61-year-old earlier today posted a blog post showing off a rather well-done mockup of a "Virgin Time Machine," saying "We've had a slightly frightening breakthrough with a time machine. I've found that we can now go backwards in time but not forwards. Fortunately we can get back to the present."


Branson then adds that he's traveled back to 1972, presenting a picture of him in '70s garb and clutching an LP. He then asks the question: "How far backwards would you like to time travel? Where would you like to go?"


Writes one commenter: "OK, yep, send me back to 1995 so I can "un" stuff up my finances, regain my house, get rid of the fiance and get my old job back. But most importantly keep following and practicing my love of dance. It was my passion and I gave it all away to please someone else, stupid. How much for the trip Richard?"


You can check out the full blog post here


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Richard Branson unveils time machine
Billionaire businessman appears to have jumped the gun on April Fool's Day.