A few weeks ago, the producers of a new independent film called "Rising Star" took to the Internet to drum up some marketing and fundraising support. The clever campaign they came up with asked people to decide what kind of diet the main character, Alyza, would follow.

Now, while undoubtedly some of you are muttering "who cares", there are others who can see the brilliance in this idea. It's no secret that vegetarians and vegans are passionate about their food and community — and by tapping into that zeal, Director Marty Lang brought awareness to his film.

And it worked. The response by the vegan community in particular to make Alyza a vegan was overwhelming. So much so that Lang cut the contest short by 10 days to announce that they had a winner. “We are going to make Alyza a vegan character,” he said. “Thank you all for your unbelievable support of the film and of Alyza.”

"Rising Star" tells the story of an overworked insurance adjuster named Chris who meets his online love interest, Alyza, and discovers that there could be life beyond his job. The film is half way to its funding goal of $15,000. To help support "Rising Star" and see Alyza as a vegan character, you can make a pledge at KickStarter.com.

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'Rising Star' announces green diet for main character
The Alyza Challenge cut short after overwhelming support from vegans floods online voting.