Rob Thomas has just made a giant impact on the lives of homeless animals in Puerto Rico. 


The 40-year-old Matchbox Twenty frontman and his wife, Marisol, have announced a $350,000 gift to the charity Pets Alive to help fund a Puerto Rico branch of the organization. 


"As board members of Pets Alive, we are sure that Pets Alive Puerto Rico (PAPR) will be an extension of the same sensibilities that Pets Alive Middletown and Pets Alive Westchester (PAWS) have shown since the very beginning. Focusing on care, rehabilitation, education and, above all, the commitment to the 'no kill' agenda. It's an organization that we are proud to be a part of and to support," Marisol and Rob Thomas said in a release. 


The new no-kill shelter, the first of its kind for the U.S. territory, will reside on 6 lush acres high upon a mountaintop. The goal will be to make an impact assisting some of the tens of thousands of abandoned and abused animals wandering the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico. 


“It had been so difficult in the past because we had no site there," the website says. "We could pull just a few dogs at a time, get them vetted and then get them to the States where they were adopted out. This method made little impact since without spaying and neutering, the dogs left behind reproduce, resulting in a vicious cycle that left us always swimming upstream to try to save them all."


“Too long the choice for animal loving Puerto Ricans has been to pay money they don’t have to keep their pets, or abandon them somewhere because they can not afford to get them help. We will end that practice and we will extend our hand to all the people and animals — and offer them help."


The group says they have already saved more than 100 animals at the Puerto Rico sanctuary. To join Rob and Marisol in making a donation, jump here.


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Rob Thomas donates $350K to save homeless pets
Gift from Matchbox Twenty frontman and wife Marisol will help struggling homeless pets in Puerto Rico.