While I've covered plenty of celebrities giving up time to visit cancer patients and lift spirits, I have to give credit to Ron Perlman for taking such charity to the next level.


The 62-year-old actor, currently enjoying a successful run on FX's hit series "Sons of Anarchy", recently spent four hours getting into makeup to once again become the superhero Hellboy. While earlier transformations were done for the two "Hellboy" films that starred Perlman - this one was all for the wish of a young cancer patient. 


Six-year-old Zachary, who is currently fighting leukemia, expressed to the Make-A-Wish foundation that he would love to "meet and become Hellboy." 


Spectral Motion, the same SFX company behind the "Hellboy" films, was more than happy to assist; with Perlman happy to sit down in the makeup chair to make Zachary's dream come true. "[He] also ordered a Hellboy sized meal of burgers, shakes, and fries for Zachary and his family and the entire Spectral crew to enjoy," a posting on Facebook reads. 


You can check out more photos of the Zachary's special day on Spectral Motion's Facebook page here


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Ron Perlman becomes superhero for leukemia patient
Actor endures four hours of makeup to transform into Hellboy and make a young boy's wish come true.