While you may believe that Roseanne Barr's new book, "Roseannarchy: Dispatches From the Nut Farm," is some kind of euphemism for her level of sanity, consider this: She really does own a nut farm.

During a recent interview on "Good Morning America," Barr, 58, said that she's recently purchased a macadamia nut farm and is absolutely convinced the fruit holds "the promise of a brilliant future for this planet."

She explains, "I have a nut farm. I'm growing macadamia nuts ... I'm serious about it. This is not a joke.

"They're the perfect protein. They don't have any carbohydrates and the only fat they've got, which is a lot, but it's the good kind (sic). So it's better than beef. No greenhouse gases. Nice nuts."

In an article she penned for the Chicago Tribune back in May, Barr described her farm in Hawaii as a perfect slice of heaven.

"Mac nuts are the best — pearly and buttery, with just the right texture and so easy to crunch," she writes. "Everybody loves them. Of course, that includes the wild pigs that have grudgingly agreed to let Granny (that's me, I still can't believe it), the kids and their pals share the place with them and the wild turkeys. The gorgeous greenery, the ocean in the distance, the sound of the rain that keeps it all lush and fragrant: It's a sweet slice of heaven, and I hope everyone can find their own little slice of that, wherever they are."

Check out Barr's appearance on "GMA" below — and to read an excerpt from her book, jump here.

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