From the nut farm to the White House? 


Roseanne Barr, whose farming reality series was recently cancelled, announced Thursday on Twitter that she has filed the necessary paperwork to run for the Green Party nomination for president of the United States. "I am an official candidate," she declared. "I am4 the Greening of America&the world. Green=peace/justice."


The decision follows through on an announcement she made back in August during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. "I'm totally serious," she said. "I want to be part of the debates, because I want to represent the taxpayer. In fact, I'm choosing the taxpayers as my vice president."


Of course, lots of people — comedians in particular — joke about running for president, but few ever follow through, so this announcement to turn the Green Party nomination into a four-way race certainly makes thing interesting. 


"I want2 bring press attention 2 the Green Party-and speak at its convention," she tweeted. "I want young people to know there is a new way for us to go."


As for her platform, Barr listed a number of changes she would like to see, such as universal health care, federal support for gay marriage, stem cell research, and more equity in the tax system. "My hope is that America can return to the brilliant middle of the road away from all of these ideologues & radical extremists on both sides!" she wrote.


The Green Party nomination for president will be announced during the political party's convention in July. In a recent poll conducted by the site Green Party Watch, Barr was already trending second (29 percent) behind current party favorite Jill Stein (68 percent).

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Roseanne Barr is running for president
Actress announces that she's filed official paperwork to run for the Green Party nomination for the highest office in the land.