Roseanne Barr's television comeback has been cut short after Lifetime apparently has decided not to renew a second season of her reality series "Roseanne's Nuts". 


The 53-year-old comedian tweeted last week that the show had been "canceled" by the network, later clarifying: "i made a mistake-my show is not canceled at all! It's just not renewed by Lifetime! Thanks Lifetime for not renewing my show! you suck!


"Roseanne's Nuts" focused on a wide range of topics - from spirituality to enlightenment to medical marijuana - all the while following the actress as she managed her 40-acre macadamia and livestock farm in Hawaii. Despite more than 1.6M viewers tuning in for the premiere, audiences for the rest of the season largely evaporated. 


Still, Roseanne remained hopeful on Twitter that some other network might be interested in the concept. "My show might get picked up by a woman positive network!," she tweeted. "Are there any? Or a network that likes talk about spirituality!?!"


Fans as well seemed dismayed by the news. "This totally sucks," wrote one on The Hollywood Reporter. "I loved the show. I have always been a fan of Roseanne and I enjoyed feeling involved in her daily life. If anything I hope she's willing to do an internet series. That seems to be "all the rage" at the moment."


Then again, perhaps Roseanne has higher ambitions that reality television? Building on her announcement a few months back that she's seeking the Presidency, the comedian told Wendy Williams that she's still serious about running. 


"It’s absolutely true," Barr reiterated. When asked about her platform she replied, "Legalizing marijuana is first… and hemp. Marijuana is a good medicine and a lot of people know that."


"I use medical marijuana for my glaucoma and I thank God that I have it," she continued. "I also will forgive all student loans."


You can still catch all 16 episodes of "Roseanne's Nuts" online via MyLifetime

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'Roseanne's Nuts' denied a second harvest
Despite a strong start, Lifetime decides to cancel the reality series about the comedian's Hawaiian macadamia nut farm.