My buddy Brian Clark Howard of National Geographic News is one of the best green bloggers on the 'webs and a talented journalist and published author. Most of his books fall in the realm of sustainability but his latest is just for fun — "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" pays homage to the bold, the brash, and the obnoxious Christmas sweater.

The thick book takes its readers on a journey of discovery right into the heart of Christmas-wearing America. There are sweatered families, dogs, cats and even robots. The knits run riot over its 192 pages with reds, greens, embedded Christmas lights and crocheted Santas.

This book is a must-have for your holiday coffee table. You can buy it on Amazon.

Disclosure: Brian is an old pal of mine and sent me a copy of his book for free.

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Round out your holiday shopping with the Ugly Christmas Sweater book
"Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" is a great collection of the best worst holiday sweaters to be found. No Christmas coffee table is complete without one.