When Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot next April, the nuptials could become the most-watched event in television history. British satellite cable provider BSkyB sees that as an opportunity, especially when it comes to showcasing its new 3-D television service. 

According to MSNBC, discussions with Clarence House and Buckingham Palace have not begun, "but if the planets align, then this is the kind of big-event TV that would definitely be a contender for our strategy of offering 3-D coverage," says a Sky insider.

Sky is also considering beaming the royal wedding into cinemas around the nations — and potentially the world. 

But it's not only Sky that's promoting the 3-D angle. According to Jana Bennett, director of BBC Vision, other broadcasters have expressed interest. But don't go rushing out to buy that 3-D TV just yet. “Our responsibility is to bring things everybody can see on air and 3-D has a very limited footprint,” Bennett told CNN

However you watch this huge event, keep an eye out for any green additions that Middleton's new father-in-law may add to the proceedings. Already, there's a rallying cry of sorts for Kate to choose a wedding dress that comes from a "green designer." May I recommend Stella McCartney?

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Royal wedding may be broadcast in 3-D
Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB channel considering broadcasting event to British cinemas and 3D-TV-enabled homes.