With the epic nature of the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it's hard to remember that just before disaster struck that country, all eyes were on recovery efforts in the New Zealand city of Christchurch.

A shallow 6.3 aftershock scored a direct hit in the area on February 22nd, toppling buildings and killing some 166 people. Many of Christchurch's 370,000 residents were left homeless, and some are still without power more than a month later.

Actor Russell Crowe, who was born in Wellington, New Zealand, is making sure Christchurch's tragedy is not forgotten by fronting a global fundraiser for the city. In a new PSA, he appeals for support from all over, saying that a new spirit has "arisen from the rubble," but donations are needed to keep the recovery moving forward.

Check out the PSA below — or to donate, jump here.

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