Has anyone seen a 450-foot biblical ark floating by in Oyster Bay, Long Island? 


Hurricane Sandy forced the shutdown on Oct. 29 of several film productions in the Northeast, the most ironic of which was Darren Aronofsky's $130-million epic "Noah," which stars Russell Crowe in the titular role. According to the L.A. Times, the decision to halt production was made in an effort to protect one of the film's colossal sets, a 450-foot long, 75-feet tall and 45-foot wide "ark" moored in Oyster Bay, N.J. 


As the Times points out, the vessel was not intended to be seaworthy. 


"I take it that the irony of a massive storm holding up the production of Noah is not lost @DarrenAronofsy @russellcrowe," tweeted actress and co-star Emma Watson. 


Thankfully, it appears that with most of filming already completed, the ark was in the process of being dismantled. Timing, it seems, may have been with Aronofsky on this one, especially with video of Oyster Bay under Sandy's wrath painting an ominous scene


According to Variety, "Noah" will tell the story of a man who loves Earth and all of its animal inhabitants but has "become disillusioned with the way humans have treated their planet." It's slated for a March 2014 release. 


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Russell Crowe's 'Noah' hit by Sandy
The fate of a massive ark built for the film is unclear after hurricane's devastating impact.