There has been a lot of hullabaloo around the memeosphere lately about Russian dashboard video cameras. In case you haven't heard about this yet, insurance fraud is apparently common enough in Russia that seemingly the entire country has taken to installing dash cams in their cars to stave off bogus lawsuits.

In between catching fraudsters trying to throw themselves in front of cars, the dash cams have picked up fistfights, failed extortion attempts and even a streaking meteor.

With so much recorded drama, it would be easy to write off Russia as a lawless landscape of hot-headed drivers. But the true picture isn't so black and white. For every recorded act of ugliness that makes it to YouTube, there are a thousand acts of beauty that go unnoticed — not to mention the acts of kindness that happen in range of a dash cam.

This video pulls together some of the most beautiful moments shot on Russian dash cam. It's paired with the perfect kind of music that makes me get all teary. Enjoy!

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Russian dash cams aren't all road rage and drama: Watch the brighter side of life in Russia
Watch the viral video bouncing around the Web that shows the beautiful side of the Russian dash cam craze.