For those interested in surviving what comes after the end of the world, there was no better place to brush on the latest in gear, food storage, self-defense or first aid than last weekend's first PrepperCon in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The two-day expo, inspired by the success of ComicCon and other entertainment conferences, featured an abundance of gear to help survive a variety of world-ending scenarios — including zombies. 

"In the prepping industry, we look at zombies as a metaphor," PrepperCon co-founder Scott Stallings told the Daily Mail. "Anyone that's coming to take away your stuff, your safety, inflict harm on your family."

Tuff Truck concept at PrepperCon

A Tuff Truck concept at PrepperCon. (Photo:

Items on display included a $2,500 Motoped electric Survival Bike, a prototype combat vehicle by Tuff Trucks, a massive underground steel bunker, and even tactical seat covers. There were also a series of educational classes covering everything from emergency childbirth to food storage, wild edible plants, and advanced first aid. Rounding out the expo were appearances by well-known survival experts and doomsday preppers, as well as actors with small, but familiar roles on AMC's drama "The Walking Dead." 

Motoped's survivalist bike

Motoped's Survivalist bike can take you 400-500 miles between fill-ups. (Photo: Motoped)

"Self-sufficiency is a tenet and one of the principals of what this great country was founded on," Nick Austin, a popular survivalist and founder of Prepper Camp, said in an interview earlier this month. "The people who prepare for possible disasters are mostly normal human beings that just want to take care of their own families in case something bad happens." 

For those disappointed to have missed out on this year's PrepperCon, fear not. Organizers have already planned a 2016 sequel for next April

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Salt Lake City just hosted the first conference for doomsday preppers
Last weekend's 'Preppercon' was attended by thousands interested in the latest gear, underground bunkers and other items to survive the apocalypse.