Sam Barsky likes to knit. He also likes to travel. So he's combined his two passions into one entertaining hobby, and in the process he has racked up some fans along the way.

Barsky, a 42-year-old Baltimore resident, began knitting in 1999. A few months after taking up the hobby, he knit his first sweater — a simple, solid-color design. Within a few more months, he had mastered more complicated patterns and began making designs of his own. To date, Barsky has knitted more than 100 sweaters, with designs of places he's visited or would like to visit, including New York City's Times Square, Niagara Falls, Stonehenge, and even Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles play.

Barsky shares photos of himself wearing his one-of-a-kind sweaters on his Facebook page, "Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky." His fan base has exploded in recent days, ever since a picture of him wearing one of his signature sweaters made it onto the front page of Reddit. Not surprisingly, Barsky has been flooded with requests from people who want to buy his work, but Barsky told the Baltimore Sun that he doesn't have any plans to become a one-man sweater factory.

"Many, many people — I don’t even know how many, but probably hundreds of thousands of people — are begging me for sweaters, and I feel bad, but I can’t become a human sweater mill. It’s just not possible," he said.

But there's one request that may get Barsky's attention: The Belize tourism board is offering a free trip in exchange for getting a featured destinations on a Barsky sweater:

That's one request we hope Barsky does get to fill.

Some people take travel photos; this guy knits a sweater to mark the occasion
Sam Barsky knits a sweater to mark each destination, everywhere from a sheep farm to Niagara Falls.