Despite being told he only had a few months to live last year, Sam Simon is busier than ever — and actively interested in new projects related to the industry in which he made his fortune. 

The 58-year-old animal activist, producer, writer/director — best known as the co-creator of "The Simpsons" — has revealed that he's been offered a reality television series by a major studio. 

"They offered me a reality show. They want me to die on TV," he quipped to Ecorazzi. "I’m thinking about it. This guy is the head of a very big studio. I was not interested at all, but he gave a really compelling presentation. These guys are good. [It’s] a chance to shoot my mouth off on TV, make people boycott SeaWorld and Ringling Brothers."

Simon has long been a huge supporter of the animal rights movement, aligning himself with organizations like PETA, while also launching personal efforts such as the rescue dog-focused Sam Simon Foundation. In 2011, he also added a Feeding Families initiative that aims to provide free, 100-percent vegan food to people and animals in need. Even more impressive: all of these charity initiatives have been self-funded.

As for his health, Simon says that since the cancer diagnosis, he's been pursuing a mix of homeopathic, traditional therapy, and a 100 percent vegan diet.  

"I’m juicing; I’m on homeopathic medicine; I’m doing trampoline therapy; I’ve got a faith healer; I’ve got essiac tea; I’ve got everything going here, including traditional therapy. If I’m cured, I’m going to tell the doctors it was the crystals," he adds, laughing. 

Should Simon decide to pursue something in front of the cameras, we've no doubt it would be a huge success. His optimistic attitude, inspiring story, and commitment to helping others would be a draw few other reality shows could match. 

"My cancer is stable," he said. "I’m in hospice care, but I’m doing well. Fortunately, one of the chemo drugs is pretty effective. I’m hoping it’s an adventure for the next five, 10 years. I can’t wait for people to start turning on me and saying, Why haven’t you died yet?"

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Sam Simon may host reality TV show on animal activism
Co-creator of 'The Simpsons' says such a series would give him a chance to be a voice for animal rights issues close to his heart.