The snow is finally melting, the air is turning warmer, and Paul Giamatti is gravely warning that we're all going to die. Such are the wonderful signs of spring that we all look forward to this time of year; with the latter kicking off yet another season of natural disaster films at the Hollywood box office. 

"San Andreas," directed by Brad Peyton ("Journey 2: The Mysterious Island"), is a film where Mother Nature is once again given the starring role. As evidenced by the title, this one revolves around a massive 9.0 earthquake that rips open the West Coast. It's big, loud, ridiculous, and a gentle reminder that cold winters are a small price to pay in lieu of my house being swept away by an enormous tidal wave. It's the little things.

"San Andreas" rumbles into theaters May 29th.  

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'San Andreas' trailer destroys everything you love/hate about the West Coast
After watching this one, I fully expect to find rubble in my popcorn.