Scarlett Johansson's impressive film career is not going to diminish anytime soon, but when the time comes to take a break, she's pretty certain of her next move. 


Speaking with Total Film on the insecurities that come with the business, she said: "I think every actor, when you finish a job you're like, 'Oh man, that'll probably be the last time I ever work again ... I guess I'll go into organic farming or something.' "


Johansson's love for farming is certainly something we've heard before. Back when she was on the promotion wagon for "We Bought a Zoo," the 27-year-old said she would love a vineyard and an organic farm, calling the dream a "hippy dippy wish but a good one."


"I love to cook and bake; I love to be domestic in that way because you know what goes into the food you eat," she said. "I like cooking alone — I find it very therapeutic. I put on some music, maybe have a glass of wine and make something like a turkey Bolognese or a nice frittata."


If Johansson is looking to possibly get her dream started sooner than later, I would like to recommend the recently listed 650-acre estate of comedian Robin Williams. Not only does it feature a 20,000-square-foot Italianate manor, but also a sustainably managed 24-acre vineyard, 100 olive trees, a sun-tracking 36-panel solar array, 2-acre spring-fed pond, and rolling hills and forests as far as the eye can see.


The property was recently reduced from its original asking price of $35 million to $29.9 million. 


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