Al Roker better keep a close eye on the competition. 


The slimmed-down 58-year-old was unfortunately suffering from a cringe-inducing case of laryngitis during this morning's "Today" show. So bad were the legendary weatherman's vocals, that the rest of the hosting crew urged him to find a replacement. 


Enter Scarlett Johansson.


The actress, currently making the media rounds for her new film "Hitchcock," offered to step in and assist Roker with the morning's forecast. "Miss, do you have any experience?” anchor Matt Lauer asked her. "I have a lot of experience with weather. Yes," she joked before saying the opportunity was a "dream come true."


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Johansson then proceeded to read from a script while gesturing to a map behind her. The 28-year-old even managed to fit in Roker’s famous catchphrase: "And now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods..."


Check out video of Johansson's weather woman skills below. 


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Scarlett Johansson turns weather woman
Actress fills in for laryngitis-ridden Al Roker on 'Today.'