Arnold Schwarzenegger was tweeting up a storm yesterday, building anticipation for some kind of partnership between him and director James Cameron. With the Governor of California nearing the end of his final term, speculation is starting to build over what exactly he'll do next. Books? Speeches? More movies?

So this thing with Cameron was kind of a wild card, but the curtain went up last night and behold -- "Terminator" IN SPACE! -- it was a PSA against Prop 23. Ok, so not as exciting as I was hoping, but it's still a good ad, fighting against the ridiculous legislation that is Prop 23. 

If approved by voters, Prop 23 would suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act (scheduled to begin in 2012) until California's unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. Such a feat has only occurred three times in the 35 years since stats were first recorded.

And no surprise here, it's being heavily backed by two oil companies out of Texas. 

In the ad, Cameron -- who recently donated $1 million to the "No On Prop 23" campaign, calls the legislation “the ultimate real life disaster” for the state’s green economy. At the end, Schwarzenegger makes a "Terminator"-related appearance.

Check it out below: 

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Schwarzenegger and Cameron join forces against Prop 23
Former "Terminator" duo release new PSA urging people to vote against California ballot initiative.